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VERSO is a transaction management platform that improves business performance

Did you know that the average manufacturer can spend up to 15 percent of their total revenue on returns?!

Managing B2B warranty and product returns is costly and highly inefficient as the process is fragmented across all supply chain participants.

The VERSO Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Add On helps solve these problems by enabling Business Central users to enhance their productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

VERSO is a proven SaaS solution that enables your customers and partners to participate in your product return management process by:

  • Automatically creating online sales return orders via a highly secure portal.
  • Automate warranty verification.
  • Providing Power BI reporting for decision making and analysis of return behavior.

You also have the option to use our advanced blockchain management platform for warranty claims management and settlements.

Make the product returns process easy for your customers and your entire supply chain through the VERSO product returns management platform

Revolutionize Your Product Returns Management.

Verso will help improve your decision making and optimize operational performance while increasing cash flow by providing all supply chain stakeholders with an advanced returns management platform.

It uses the best aspects of the Microsoft Azure cloud suite in conjunction with a secure blockchain network that will allow you to:

  • Process warranty claims quickly and accurately.
  • Predict product returns activity through Machine Learning.
  • Manage workflow across all supply chain participants.

Transform your product return process from a cost center to a strategic advantage..

Benefits of VERSO.

With VERSO, you’ll gain a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Better decision making thanks to Machine Learning and A.I.
  • Enhanced efficiencies.
  • Predictability of product returns.
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Accelerated cash flow for warranty claims
  • Reliable warranty management
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Better workforce and inventory management

The VERSO Advantage

There are several distinct advantages you’ll gain by allowing VERSO to manage your product returns:

Scalability, Stability, and Security of Microsoft Azure

We chose to develop VERSO due to the inherent benefits offered by Microsoft Azure. In addition to being highly stable and reliable, Azure allows VERSO to grow alongside your business.

You can serve clients and customers of all sizes while quickly scaling up to meet large volumes of transactions. Best of all, you’ll benefit from the high level of data security and redundancy that’s found within the Azure environment.

The Flexibility of the VERSO Portal

When it comes to flexibility and automation, VERSO includes the following standard features:

  • Custom fields
  • Product return workflows
  • Stakeholder groups

All of these are configurable not only by market channel but by contract as well. We also include automation of such key functions as product return location and warranty verification.

Valuable Information

The information analytics capability derived from Microsoft Power BI allows your business to make more informed decisions while providing clear insights into operational performance indications, customer behavior, and product return trends.

A Seamless Work Environment

VERSO takes the place of multiple software programs and provides you with a seamless work environment. Using Microsoft’s Office 365 Add-in for Excel and Outlook will allow you and your users to open, edit, and manage VERSO cases directly within Outlook and Excel without ever having to switch over to another program. This directly translates to increased efficiencies and time savings.

VERSO Sales Return Order Process with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central..

VERSO can help streamline and improve your product returns management while adding time and cost-savings benefits. Give us a call or contact us down below to learn more.

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