VERSO – Basic Value Proposition


Value Proposition of the VERSO Portal
Basic Edition


Verso Basic Components

  • Trouble Reporting
  • Returns (RMA) Management

Trouble Reporting and Returns Management

  • Facilitate the reporting of problems and RMAs
  • Reduce cost of requesting, verifying and handling Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)
  • Improve satisfaction of dealers, customers and other stakeholders within the RMA process
  • Improve quality – reduce errors
  • Automatic Warranty Verification – via interface with existing ERP and other systems
  • Ensure high level of security and reliability

Typical RMA process Without VERSO:


Process Characteristics – Without VERSO:

  • Phone calls required for RMA assignment
  • Manual research to determine warranty, product info, etc.
  • Multiple calls with feedback, approval, status, shipping
  • Manual updates to RMA logs, ERP systems, tracking, etc.
  • Dealer/customer manually completes RMA with info provided
  • Unnecessary labor cost
  • Dealer/customer frustration
  • Errors

Impacts from VERSO:


Impacts from the Port:

  • Eliminates need for phone calls to request RMA
  • Eliminates manual research – verification of warranty and product status
  • Eliminates follow up calls to dealers, customers others for approval
  • Elimination of manual errors, better quality
  • Elimination of manual RMA prep by customer/dealer (reduces errors)
  • Eliminates need for status phone calls from customer/dealer
  • Eliminates portion of calls with warehouse and or supplier


Process Characteristics – With VERSO:

  • Online easy access to dynamic web form by dealer/customer
  • Automatic verification of warranty and other product info!
  • Elimination of manual errors, better quality
  • Secure links and Easy to implement interface to data via Webservices.
  • Access by company to all RMAs, status, reporting, etc.
  • Reduction in labor cost due to phone handling, research, contact, etc.
  • Informed stakeholders via access AND email alerts
  • Notification by dealer/customer when replacement is received
  • High level of customer/dealer and employee satisfaction