Here at VERSO we feel the best way for you to learn the power of the VERSO solution is to experiment with the VERSO capability PRIOR to buying a VERSO version.

Play in the VERSO Sandbox for 30 days. Schedule your VERSO demo.

Ready to Buy?

Please select your option below based on your projected volumes:

$475 Monthly Price
Monthly No. of Cases 1,000
Storage 1 GB
File/Article import 150,000
Custom Fields 25
Implementation Fee $500
Customer Service
Business Plus
$975 Monthly Price
Monthly No. of Cases2,000
Storage 5 GB
File/Article Import 500,000
Custom Fields 100
Implementation Fee $750
Customer Service
$1,475 Monthly Price
Monthly No. of Cases 4,000
Storage 50 GB >
File/Article Import 1,000,000
Custom Fields 250
Implementation Fee $1000
Customer Service
Enterprise Plus
Quote Monthly Price
Unlimited No. of Cases
Storage As Needed
Unlimited Import
Unlimited Custom Fields
Implementation Fee Quote
Customer Service

Commonly Asked Questions


Nope.  VERSO is not priced on a per user basis.  We want you to get full utilization from VERSO, and not worry about the number of participants (customers, suppliers, technicians, other groups) impacting your cost.

We will notify you, and give you the option to upgrade your plan for the following months bill cycle.

Several reasons.  For some very large enterprise customers, we will need to estimate our transactional cost based on their project volumes, so we can provide the best price possible.  Also, some large enterprises may require additional integration of VERSO into their existing platforms, and we need to understand their end game architecture to best determine implementation cost.

These are the order records that can be easily fed from your ERP, MRP, or other systems into VERSO, that contain such information as product number, serial number, warranty dates, contract numbers, return locations, etc.   This then allows VERSO to automate some of the key product return functions, such as warranty verification and workflow determination based on contract.


      Yes, upon your inquiry, you will receive login information to the Sandbox.   After 30 days, your sandbox access will be discontinued.


Your login information stays in the sandbox for your use for 30 days. However, all usage information such as tickets and order data is deleted every night, to prevent significant storage costs.

In the Sandbox, you can navigate through the control panel, experiment with the configuration to add workflows, forms, groups, etc.  And, you can get a feel of the sample workflow and form that is provided.   You can also upload warranty information via the Excel upload option, however you cannot use the API with the Sandbox environment.