Blockchain Integration

The VERSO portal enables “trusted” transaction management through flexible Blockchain integration. This includes:

  • Rule configuration to designate which transactions to write to the blockchain,
  • Option to write complete transaction data or Hash keys
  • Validation reports from VERSO/Blockchain

With the VERSO Blockchain functionality, companies can ensure traceability and trust, improving quality and business performance.

Multichannel Management

Market trends such as Omni-channel makes it imperative for companies to manage operational transactions by specific channels and business arrangements.   VERSO provides easy configuration capability to:

  • Create unique forms and workflow by location, company or even contract
  • Control visibility of information at the company/channel level
  • Vary fields by company, location or contract
  • Associate specific supplier groups to particular channels

Recognizing that “One size does NOT fit all”, the ability to configure specific VERSO workflows to meet these multi-channel complexities helps companies uniquely treat, track, and manage their various clients and partners in a fashion that meets their actual business environment.

System Integration and Information Exchange

VERSO is designed to easily integrate with supporting ERPs, manufacturing systems, and other data sources to support automation and information sharing across client’s business environment. This integration is supported by:

  • The inherent flexibility gained by running on the Microsoft Azure cloud environment
  • APIs for Inbound data transfer for ordering information using JSON and Web Services
  • Flexible outbound data generation capability for updates to other systems as needed
  • Security and data redundancy levels that accompany the Microsoft Azure Cloud standards

This bidirectional data exchange capability allows VERSO to leverage existing information, systems and processes – enabling VERSO to be a valuable and seamless part of a company’s operational solutions.

Integrated Tools

Office 365, Slack, and DYNAMICS

Creating a seamless work environment is essential for system users to save time and perform at a high level of productivity.   To reinforce this seamless approach, VERSO is integrated Office 365 and SLACK, providing users the ability to perform seamless perform common collaboration tasks. VERSO’s Microsoft Business Central ADD-ON for product returns extends and automations sales order return activity across the supply chain. For office this includes:

  • Opening new cases directly from Outlook and Excel
  • Receiving workflow alerts in Slack Channels
  • Connected with Business Central for Sales Return Orders

Making it easy for users to work efficiently is a key VERSO feature

Powerful Business Analytics

Having a powerful Business Intelligence solution is essential to successfully managing product lifecycles. VERSO provides Microsoft Machine Learning and Power BI as the primary tools for performing data analytics; which uses VERSO data to create visual graphs and reports. User can extract VERSO information to predict market trends and analyze operational performance. Exampls of this include:

  • Reporting product transactions by location and originating company/channel
  • Predicting product lifecycle and product behavior
  • Volume and pace of operational transactions by customer, location

With VERSO’s Microsoft Machine Learning and Power BI solution, users gain important and actionable insight to improve business performance.

Flexible Configuration

The inherent flexibility of VERSO allows administrators to quickly configure the system to meet customized needs; examples of this flexibility include

  • Ability to assign and organize information at the group and personal permission level
  • Creation of workflows/forms/data/ at the company, location, contract level
  • Alert notifications – for status changes and KPIs at group and personal level
  • Ability to assign any new field or values with fields – examples are reason codes, disposition status, etc.
  • Built to accomodate mobile and tablet devices