VERSO and Operational AI

I’m often am asked “What is VERSO”, or what does VERSO actually do? And sometimes I struggle with my answer when attempting to fully explain the value proposition of VERSO.

Our tag line on our site reads “Revolutionizing transaction management for Ecosystems”. Well that sounds cool, but what does that mean and what is the actual value prop.   I know Verso creates value by not only managing workflow among entities but also by creating operational AI. But I needed more , so of course I asked Microsoft CoPilot to help me better explain Operational AI. The result was:


Operational AI, or operational artificial intelligence, is a type of intelligent system designed for real-world applications, particularly at commercial scale. It is used to distinguish accessible artificially intelligent (AI) systems from fundamental AI research and from industrial AI applications which are not integrated with the routine usage of a business. 


Well Bingo! The VERSO platform supports “real-world” applications such as product returns management, order processing, Token gateways, and recruiting management (with more coming); reinforced by using a blockchain audit option to help guarantee validity of applications when appropriate.  But it’s the second highlight area that is of more interest to me: operational AI is integrated with the ROUTINE usage of a business.  With the result being better business operations by incorporating AI within routines processes –  driving efficiencies, better decisions, speed to market improvements and cost reductions.



Note: With VERSO running on Azure and using the Azure machine learning studio, we are able to quickly incorporate machine learning within our clients operational processes.