VERSO Sales Return Order configuration with Business Central

This window enables the user to configure the synchronization for both inbound transactions (Alerts from VERSO that create sales return orders) and business central outbound transactions(Items Sold with serial numbers). VERSO stores the items sold records into the VERSO database, enabling automatic warranty verification when a product return request is submitted.

Connection Info

(These values will be provided to you from your Verso Administrator)

Verso Api URL: The base url for the the client version of Verso Api: e.g. http://qa-verso-enterprise

Verso Api User: The username to connecto to the Api.

Synchronization Schedule

Verso Api Password: The password to connect to the Api.

Recurring Type: The unit measure for the Recurring Interval (either Minutes or Hours),

Recurring Interval: The number of Hours or Minutes between each synchronization run.

Enabled: Whether the syncronization is Enabled or Not.


Alert Id: What field from the alerts response to map to the Alert Id.

Customer Name: What field from the alerts response to map to the Customer Name.

Item Number: What field from the alerts response to map to the Item Number.

Quantity: What field from the alerts response to map to the Quantity.

Return Reason: What field from the alerts response to map to the Return Reason.

Alert Reference Field: What field on the Sales Return Order to use to put a reference to the Alert Id.


Test Connection Will allow to test the provided Api Url and credentials are correct.

Default SRO Mapping Sets the Verso Alert to Sales Return Order mappings to default values.

Verso Sold Item Serials Export

This screen allows the user to see the list of Item Serials outbound and the export status (Pending, Failed, Exported). 


Retry Export It will try another export attempt on selected Failed records only.

Run Outbound Export(test) Test only action, it will force the Outbound synchronization to run right away. This action will not appear on production.

Clear Outbound Table(test) Test only action, it will delete all records on the Outbound table. This action will not appear on production.

Verso Activity Log

This window allow to see a log of the Inbound Synchronization and Outbound synchronization


Job Queue Entries

When the synchronization is Enabled, an entry should exist on this list for the Codeunit “e;Verso Item Serials Outbnd Mgmt”e; if Outbound, or “e;Verso Outbound Alerts Mgmt”e; if Inbound. 

Sales Return Order created by Sync

Below is an example of a sales return order created in Business Central from the inbound VERSO records (VERSO user created a new product return request)