User Creation

VERSO allows you to create the required amount of users for your company. Permissions for each user can be managed and customized to fit your business needs.

First we will create group permissions (Administrator-customer-technician,etc.) that can be assigned to individual users.

Set up your Group Permission

  1. Log into VERSO and Click on Control Panel:Verso10_UserCreation_1
  2. Click on GroupsVerso10_UserCreation_2
  3. Click on +Add GroupVerso10_UserCreation_3
  4. Fill out all the necessary data by selecting the actions that this group of users will be capable of performing.Verso10_UserCreation_4

Create the Users

  1. Log into VERSO and Click on Control Panel:Verso10_UserCreation_5
  2. Click on UsersVerso10_UserCreation_6
  3. Click on +Add UserVerso10_UserCreation_7
  4. Fill out all necessary data. Notice that on the Permissions area you have two options: either select a group permission to populate with the pre-selected template or you can select the individual permissions. Note that you can select group permission for a user and still modify individual permissions. Verso10_UserCreation_8
  5. Notice that under User Locations you can select as many companies as needed. This allows the user to enter their own company and all the locations simultaneously without creating a different user for every company.