Subscribing to VERSO and Managing “My Account”

A new BASIC client will subscribe to VERSO through the VERSO promotional site located here . VERSO provides a 30 dial trial period by going through the subscription process with all major credit cards accepted.

When subscribing there are 3 major areas you need to complete:

  • Company information
  • User information
  • Payment information

VERSO does NOT retain any payment information, since all this data is securely passed and saved on our merchant services company’s platform. (BrainTree)

First, you will enter your company info and set up all the necessary data for your company. VERSO organizes information in the database by your company code, so only you, your customers and your designated users will see any data associated with your processes.

Second your User information:

Last, your payment information.

After you review and agree to the VERSO Basic terms and conditions, select the “I agree to the End-user License Agreement” then click on Register and you will receive an automatic email from the account; that will allow you to confirm your registration in the VERSO system

Here is a sample of the auto-generated email:

Click on the “Activate Account” link and set your password.

You will be directed to the VERSO login page where you will enter your username and password before entering the portal.