Searching and Reporting on MTRs

For searching and reporting MTR information, login to VERSO (you are automatically directed to the MTR List menu area).


There are two different search options:

  1. A simple search allows you to search based on a field value (MTR ID, RMA number, etc.). Input the search value and you will receive the specified MTR record. If you select “Search by: All” the system will send back all the MTRs created in the company.Verso6_SearchReportMTR_2
  2. Secondly, if a more thorough search is needed, click on the “Advanced Search” link and a new menu will automatically display for you allowing additional search options (MTR Status and Date Reported).Verso6_SearchReportMTR_3

Another feature of VERSO is the ability to download the entire list of MTRs onto a user’s computer. The excel spreadsheet file download allows the user to sort through all the MTRs created in this format. Here is how to complete a download:

  1. Log into VERSO
  2. Click on the XLS button at the top right corner of the screenVerso6_SearchReportMTR_4
  3. The MTR list will be automatically downloaded to your local download area. Search for the file named “MTRList-CSV”Verso6_SearchReportMTR_5
  4. Open the file and you will be able to see all the MTRs.Verso6_SearchReportMTR_6