Printing an RMA-MTR

Once an MTR reaches the “Approved” status, the system automatically generates an RMA number. The RMA number is inserted in the MTR record and can be viewed on both the MTR List and on the MTR Form.

Maintenance Report List view:


MTR Form view:

Once the MTR form is opened, it can be found under the Warranty Information column.


The user can print the MTR/RMA form for internal records, and for inclusion in the return package. To print the form:

  1. Log in to VERSO
  2. Click on the MTR
  3. Click on the PDF button on the top right cornerVerso7_Printing_3
  4. The document will automatically open on a new window (make sure your browser has the pop op option enabled). Review the content.
  5. Click on Print.

The customer will insert this printed form as the RMA into the package to be returned to you. The address for return (your company address) appears directly above the MTR ID No.