Creating a New MTR

Any user with the appropriate permissions can create a new Maintenance Trouble Report (MTR). Once the MTR is submitted, it will follow the appropriate workflow designed for the form – either Contract, Company or the set default (see the section on Form Creation which explains the three levels allowed for MTR form use). When creating a new MTR, a customer is providing the necessary information to begin the trouble reporting and RMA request processes.   As mentioned above, 012MTRs will be validated (checked) against the database to determine warranty status, based on your warranty records uploaded.   If no match is found, or if you chose not to use the warranty process, the MTR can still be submitted, but will be flagged as “not validated”.

Below are the steps to create a New MTR:

New MTR Verified:

  1. Log in to VERSO
  2. Click on New Maintenance ReportVerso4_CrtNewMTR_1
  3. Select your company from the Dropdown List. Verso4_CrtNewMTR_2

Your information will be automatically populated. This will be the only company option for you and your customers.

  1. Enter the information for Part / Product Number and Serial Number then Click on Validate. If the record finds a match in the database, you should see a message stating that Product was successfully validated. The Warranty information will automatically be retrieved from the database and inserted into the appropriate fields.  Verso4_CrtNewMTR_3If there is no warranty match after clicking on validate, then the user will be required to insert a product description, and asked if they would like to continue to submit the MTR. The Serial Number field can be blank at this point. Verso4_CrtNewMTR_4
    1. Click on OK and provide a description, then click on Validate again.Verso4_CrtNewMTR_5

    You will notice that the Warranty Information is displayed with empty values; however the rest of the MTR is the same as a Validated MTR.

    No warranty information will be populated since there was no match.Verso4_CrtNewMTR_6

  2. Complete the additional required fields in the “Additional Information” section and attach any relevant files that support the MTR (such as product image). Click on Save File if files are attached.Verso4_CrtNewMTR_7
  3. Click on Submit, you will be asked to confirm if you are ready to create the MTR, click on Yes.Verso4_CrtNewMTR_8
  4. You will be taken to the main page of the MTR list with a message stating MTR created successfully – the NEW MTR will be at the bottom of the Maintenance Report List.


You can confirm from this list whether or not an MTR is validated by looking at the checkmark to the right of the Summary field. The red check appears when an MTR is validated.Verso4_CrtNewMTR_10

Important notes and tips:

For MTRs in the NEW status, VERSO will generate a daily email to the administrators ID with a message that the MTR is still in the NEW status, UNTIL the MTR status is changed.   This alert to administrators brings awareness of outstanding MTRS submitted by customers that have yet to be addressed (opened). Below is a sample e-mail notification:Verso4_CrtNewMTR_11