Company Creation

Every VERSO Installation allows the customer to create multiple companies for different purposes, such as clients or suppliers that will require use of VERSO services.

To create a company:

  1. Log into VERSO and Click on Control Panel:Verso9_CompanyCreation_1
  2. Click on CompanyVerso9_CompanyCreation_2
  3. Click on +Add CompanyVerso9_CompanyCreation_3
  4. Fill out all the data necessary for the company that you are creating.Verso9_CompanyCreation_4
  5. Notice that in here you can select the type of company that you are creating (Supplier, BU, etc.)Verso9_CompanyCreation_5
  6. You can create as many Contract Numbers needed by adding the Contract/email combination and clicking on the + button.Verso9_CompanyCreation_6










  1. Click on Company