Installing ADD-INS for Excel and Outlook

Installing Excel Add-Ins

The following document will show you how to install the verso add-in for Excel.

  1. Open Excel and chose Blank workbook:

Installing Add-in Excel_1

  1. Choose the File tab, and then choose Options:

Installing Add-in Excel_2

  1. Choose Trust Center, and then select the Trust Center Setting button:

Installing Add-in Excel_3


  1. Choose Trusted App Catalogs:

Installing Add-in Excel_4

  1. In the Catalog URL box, enter the path to the network share folder (in this case \\ISSTORAGE\Shared\AddIns), then choose Add Catalog and select the Show in Menu check box, and choose Ok twice.

Installing Add-in Excel_5

6. Next, select My Apps on the Insert tab:

Installing Add-in Excel_6

  1. Choose Shared Folder and double click on the Verso Add-In

Installing Add-in Excel_7

  1. Enjoy Verso

Installing Add-in Excel_8

Installing Outlook Add-Ins

The following document will show you how to install the verso add-in for Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook, go to the File Tab and choose Manage Add-Ins:

Installing Add-in Outlook_1

  1. You will be redirected to the web version of Outlook:

Installing Add-in Outlook_2

  1. Choose the plus button (+) to add a new Add-In and choose the ‘Add from file’ option:

Installing Add-in Outlook_3

  1. Browse to the path where the xml file is stored (in this case \\ISSTORAGE\Shared\AddIns), and chose the file ‘OutlookVersoProject.xml’:

Installing Add-in Outlook_4

  1. Choose Next and a message requiring confirmation to install the Add-In will appear:

Installing Add-in Outlook_5

  1. Click install and then Accept to complete the installation:

Installing Add-in Outlook_6

  1. Enjoy Verso

Installing Add-in Outlook_7