Alerts Creation

VERSO allows the customer to have 3 sets of Alerts that can be configured:

  1. Change Step: Using a customer configured email, this alerts the user when an MTR changes status.
  2. Reminder: By using an already created KPI configuration, the alert will notify the user by email when an MTR has remained over the KPI limit thus notifying the user that action must be taken.
  3. Outbound: This alert is set to create a status list of all MTRs and place them into our API area for the client’s system to retrieve. This enables the client’s system to be in constant synchronization with VERSO, creating visibility to the inventory flow changes.

Change Step and Reminder Alerts:

These two alerts work on email generation so their steps will be the same.

  1. Log into VERSO and Click on Control Panel:Verso11_AlertsCreation_1
  2. Click on AlertsVerso11_AlertsCreation_2
  3. Click on +Add AlertVerso11_AlertsCreation_3
  4. Select the type of Alert you want to create: Change Step / Reminder.
  5. Make the rest of selections that you require in order to complete your Alert.Verso11_AlertsCreation_4Verso11_AlertsCreation_5
  6. Click on Submit.

Outbound Alerts:

  1. Log into VERSO and Click on Control Panel:Verso11_AlertsCreation_6
  2. Click on AlertsVerso11_AlertsCreation_7
  3. Click on +Add AlertVerso11_AlertsCreation_8
  4. Select the type of Alert you want to create Change Outbound
  5. Fill out all the necessary information of the data you want to collectVerso11_AlertsCreation_9
  6. Click on Submit.