VERSO eliminates manual efforts, streamlines the entire workflow process, and ensures the greatest level of performance for all stakeholders.

Verso Basic

VERSO Basic is the ideal returns management solution for small and medium sized businesses.   By participating in the VERSO branded portal, manufactures and distributors can easily handle customer trouble reports and RMA requests through a simple online experience. Using a standard workflow, users (customers, technicians and managers) can automatically verify warranty, manage the returns workflow, print RMA requests and receive email notifications when a case status changes. All of the above for $100 USD per month for up to 100 trouble reports per month (each additional trouble report for the month is charged at $1.00 USD). Note: Basic customers are limited to 1,000 product / warranty records and 50 users.

Verso Basic Plan

To learn about subscribing to VERSO Enterprise, please contact VERSO Inc. at or complete our contact page.